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Torridon Education Group

Incorporating East Beach Nursery School, Little Learners, Bishopmill Pre-school and Jack and Jill Nursery School

The Business Stuff

Nursery Policies

To provide equality and fairness for all users, a comprehensive selection of policies are in place. If you wish to read any of the policies in full please ask to see the relevant policy folder, they are displayed within the nursery and include:

Regulating Bodies

Torridon Education Group, like all nurseries in Scotland, are regulated by Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate.

Parents are asked for their feedback on the service we provide as part of their routine inspections.

The Care Inspectorate ensures we are meeting the Children's needs as outlined in the National Care Standards, that both you and your children are included, safe and achieving and that all policies and statutory requirements are adhered to.

Education Scotland (formerly HMIe) assesses the planning, evaluating and teaching we deliver. They ensure we are providing the children with valuable, meaningful and appropriate learning experiences both indoors and outdoors to meet the needs of all children using the Curriculum Excellence. They provide guidance on how best to track and monitor children's progress while ensuring they are at the heart of their own education and actively involved in all decisions about it.

All schools reports from inspections carried out by the Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland are published and can be viewed by the public at any point. If you would like to read our latest reports please visit the Care Inspectorates reports website and type in the name of our Service or our Care Inspectorate number (below) into the search bar.

For Education Scotland reports visit the Education Scotland reports website

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To create a safe, stimulating environment where children can learn, play and have fun. Parents can be sure their child is being well looked after, nurtured and valued.

    We will abide by the terms set within our contract with Moray Council, fulfilling all obligations and following the Care Inspectorates standards, and all best practice guidelines.

  2. To build strong foundations in the learning process across the curriculum, giving every child the opportunity to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

    We will adhere to our Curriculum policies and comply with all requirements of outside agencies and regulators. We will use the “Child at the Centre”, “Birth to Three”, “Curriculum for Excellence” “Building the Ambition” & “GIRFEC Agenda” guidelines to develop best practice amongst our staff team.

  3. To treat each child as an individual and allow them to progress at a rate that they are comfortable with, whilst stretching their imagination and creativity.

    We will adhere to our statements in our “equal opportunities”, “behaviour” “discipline”, “twins”, “left-handed”, “citizenship” and “independence/self help skills” policy.

  4. To increase each child’s confidence, self-esteem and independence, to enable them to make decisions for themselves and be responsible for their actions.

    We will adhere to our statements in all policies. We have an outdoor ethos, and allow children to explore the outdoor environment and assess their own risk, whilst developing confidence.

  5. To work in partnership with parents and other professionals in the best interest of each child.

    We will abide by our statements in our “parents as partners”, “open access/data protection” and “special educational needs” policy.

  6. To be committed to training and staff development, which will enhance the quality of learning and the overall effectiveness of the nursery team.

    We will abide by the terms in our “staffing” policy, “people plan” and regulations stated by local authorities. All staff are contracted and committed to professional development and records of all training are kept.