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Torridon Education Group

Incorporating East Beach Nursery School, Little Learners, Bishopmill Pre-school and Jack and Jill Nursery School

The grown up stuff

Keeping in touch with technology

As well as face to face communication and feedback with parents we use various other methods to ensure parents are well informed and kept up to date with all the centres news.

Mobile phone – we send daily text messages at the end of each day to let parents know what focus activities have been on offer that day, as well as any reminders for important events.

Email – we send our monthly newsletters and parent forum questions via email. Anything we receive which may be of interest to parents (i.e. local events, new guidelines, changes to our policies etc) is emailed for your information.

Facebook – we have a closed, secure group on Facebook for parents of the Nursery where we post photographs of the children so parents can see all the fun things they get up to. The page is completely secure needing approval to join, and each year a new page is created so only current parents have access to that years page.

Parents Responsibilities

We ask parents of nursery children to provide the following items in a non plastic bag

Everything should be clearly named


At Torridon Education Group we have a navy blue uniform that is worn by staff and children. The navy blue sweatshirt with school logo is available @ £12.00 and the T-shirt is £6.00. These can be purchased from the nursery and are extremely hard-wearing. School uniforms help children develop an identity and are great for getting them used to wearing a uniform which is compulsory at primary school. The children take great pride in their uniform and like the fact that are they are the same as their teachers. On outings into the community the children look super smart and are easily identifiable as belonging to Torridon Education Group.


Your child may be taken on routine outings from the nursery i.e. the library, park or local shops etc. We require your consent on the admission form before we are able to do this. You will of course be given written details of any outings or school trips outside of the normal routine. Your written consent is required in return, also emergency contact numbers for the day.


We ask that you give medication to your child out-with nursery hours. However we are aware that this is not always possible. If you require prescribed medication to be given to your child you must give full written instructions stating times and dosage. A record will be kept for you to sign on collection of your child. We are only able to administer prescribed medication.

We cannot accept children with an infectious condition and children that are under the weather should be kept at home until fully recovered. We ask that you notify the nursery if your child will not be attending.

Parents as Partners

Parents and carers are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s pre-school education. Parents are invited to be part of their child’s sessions to help on outings, be a parent reader, paint or share a specific skill or experience with the children.

Your child’s key-worker liaises very closely with you and your child to ensure we are meeting his/her needs. Each key worker provides written developmental reports at the end of each academic year. This helps to keep parents fully informed about their child’s progress. A “Moving Along” report is also filled in during each child’s pre-school year, this document moves to school with them. These are kept at nursery and you may ask to see these at any time. We share information with parents at the end of each day and parents are always welcome into nursery.

Regular newsletters and ‘Parent Forum’ keeps you up to date, and “home links” give you suggestions of ways you can help your child with nursery curriculum work at home. Torridon Education Group operates a “Parents as Partners” agreement. We do parent workshops throughout the year to show parents how your child is learning about different aspects of the curriculum and what you can be doing at home to help further develop this.