Torridon Education Group

Incorporating East Beach Nursery School, Little Learners, Bishopmill Pre-school and Jack and Jill Nursery School

Oh the fun we will have

Torridon Education Group follows the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ and Birth to Three Matters for our youngest learners, to ensure every child's learning needs are successfully met.

The Curriculum for Excellence aims to provide a coherent, flexible and enriched curriculum for 3-18s. It is designed to develop the attributes, knowledge and skills they will need to flourish in life, learning, and work, and enable all children to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Learning through play and experience

At Torridon Education Group we are able to provide a welcoming and emotionally secure environment, where learning takes place through a careful balance of play, structuredactivities, and experiences.

Staff work together in planning stimulating and imaginativethemes to enable your child to develop in all areas of the pre-school curriculum.

On a daily basis your child may experience - early reading and writing activities, mathematics activities, design, construction, imaginary play, arts & craft, sand, water & natural play.

Our curriculum is extremely varied and every child is given the opportunity to achieve all learning outcomes in a fun and exciting way. Your child’s learning will be enhanced by the educational visits and visiting speakers that attend the nursery on a regular basis.

Children are responsible for what they would like to learn. They are heavily involved in the planning at the start of each new theme and so if we end up on a slight tangent; this is perfectly normal. Each learning outcome will be covered over the course of the year and will differ each year based on the children's interests.

How we cover the early years learning outcomes

Health and Well-being

Children learn about their and others emotions and how to cope with them, about how friendships are formed and fostered. We learn about different types of work, people who help us, and how to stay safe. We discover what we can do with our bodies and how we can look after our bodies through healthy eating, good hygiene and tooth brushing. Throughout the year we discover how things grow, growing various different items both inside and out. We enjoy being active as part of the curriculum by offering at least 30 minutes of active play each day from gym, outings, and outdoor play.

Numeracy and Maths

Through play and organised activities we learn about size, numbers, shapes and colours and can sort and match. We use technology, and copy and create patterns. Children learn about money, time and seasons. We have a variety of themed maths boxes (including fairy maths, woodwork maths and party maths) and number games to make maths fun!

English and Literacy

Children will have daily opportunities to listen to stories, exploring the characters and asking and answering questions about the text. We use pictures and books to find information about our themes. Children are given opportunities to speak in groups and to listen to others during ‘circle time’. We explore letters and sounds through play, utilising letter boxes and letter games. There is a big focus on rhyming and counting syllables, which are skills required for reading. Children have access to the writing table, with a selection of paper and writing materials, and are encouraged to do mark making in real and imaginary situations. Children experience other languages and are introduced to key words and phrases. We operate a book bag system, to encourage reading at home, where children can choose a book from our library each week to share with their parents.

Religious and Moral Education

We encourage children to be fair, caring, and share, and to show respect to their peers. We explore Christian stories such as Noah's Arc, the Easter Story, and the Nativity etc. Throughout the year we explore various celebrations and festivals from different cultures and religions such as Divali (Indian Festival of Light), Burns Day, Chinese New Year, Holi (Hindu festival of colour) by listening to stories, music, poems, looking at pictures and props and tasting new food.


As an Eco school we encourage children to care for the world and are actively recycling. Through playing with our technology box children learn how technology works and what it can do. We encourage children to problem solve, and to be creative when constructing or designing junk models. We use phones and web cameras to communicate with children at our other nursery. The children use camera's to take pictures, they have access to Nabi's (child friendly tablet/iPad) to play games on touch screen devises, and use the Bee-Bot (a programmable Bee robot) to programme and navigate.


A chance to experiment and experience basic science skills and learn about the properties of things we use every day. Children will be involved in planting projects and develop knowledge of how things grow. They will learn about what makes things go and the basic idea of electricity. They will experience changes of form and what makes this happen (e.g. cooking, making play dough, melting ice). We will learn about the wonder of the world around us, the sky and space! Torridon Education Group Rockets are ready to go!! :)

Social Studies

A blast to the past – Children will learn about events in history and how people lived differently to us as we attempt to make personal links to the past. Previous topics have included World Wars and the bunkers on the beach, the Stotfieild Disaster, Cave men and Dinosaurs, Egyptians and Pyramids, and The Wild West. Through visits we explore our local environment, learn about our community and how to look after it. We learn about the services and professionals that help us through visits and role play. The role play corner encourages language & co-operation skills, as well as developing knowledge & understanding of the world; these include hospital, café, vets, hairdressing salon, florist, home corner, travel agent, optician, and shop. Children also learn about the weather and seasons.

Expressive Arts

We always encourage children to be creative and expressive! They will develop a large portfolio of pictures made with paints, chalks, pens, glueing and sticking! They will create models and explore play dough and gloop. They have opportunities to be creative with dance and movement, use puppets, and to experience and make different styles of music and songs from a variety of cultures. We use drama and role play to consolidate the learning children have gathered over each theme. Children will experience the thrill of performing live in front of their className as well as a large audience of friends and family at our annual Christmas Show.

Transition to Primary School

We work very closely with the local primary schools to ensure a smooth transition when your child moves on to their next adventure. In Lossiemouth we visit both the primary schools throughout the year for fun themed mornings, and have a 4 week transition period at the end of term where your child's nursery teacher will accompany your child on transition trips to your chosen primary school. The nursery and primary schools work together on community projects and have a shared theme at the end of term to help aid transition. At Bishopmill, the children are very familiar with the primary school as we use the school hall for gym and the school grounds for outdoor play. We have close links with all the schools in Elgin, and your child's new teacher will come out to visit them at nursery.

Fun for our youngest learners

Our “Little Learners” is a dedicated centre for the under 3's that takes a holistic approach to prepare our caterpillars to become beautiful butterflies as they make the transition to Nursery education and onto School. Following the ‘Birth to Three Matters’ each child should be nurtured to be ' a strong child', 'a skilful communicator', 'a competent learner' and 'a healthy child'. We ensure our little learners grow and develop in a safe and stimulating environment that allows children to develop a sense of belonging, find a voice and be encouraged to be creative and use their imagination. Staff are highly trained to meet children's needs, using all best practice guidelines and fully implementing 'Building the Ambition'.

We ensure the curriculum is fun and stimulating with stage appropriate, learning outcomes. The key areas of development for the under 3’s are Emotional, Personal and Social Development, Communication and Language Development, Sensory and Intellectual Development, Expressive and Aesthetic Development, and Physical Development. Learning through play and sensory activities, staff ensure children are encouraged to develop in all these areas whilst being responsible, respected and building positive relationships with staff and peers.

Torridon Education Group provides Day Care, parent funded and council funded 2 year old sessions in partnership with Moray Council. (Prices see the Damages)